Long Sword


The Long Sword is a terrific balance between the immense power of the Great Sword and the mobility of the Sword and Shield. The designation Long Sword can also include certain glaive-like and even scythe-like weapons. As simple as it is elegant, the Long Sword’s greatest strengths lies in what is referred to as the Spirit Combo.

By repeatedly hitting the enemy (see below), the Long Sword wielder gradually builds up a tempo that leads to a great strike. When the strike lands, sword and wielder become one (reflected as a base damage multiplier). This heightened state of coordination is both layered and temporary, requiring further Spirit Combos to both build up power and maintain concentration (see table below).

If the wielder can land damage-dealing hits with the Long Sword for three (or more) consecutive rounds on the same target, only moving to reposition or maintain distance, they can then spend a Full Concentration action on the fourth turn to execute the Spirit Combo. This attack ignores the opponent’s armor dice to DR#. If the attack is successful, the wielder reaches the next Spirit Level (or resets the timer if already on Spirit Level 3) and must build the combo up again.

Spirit Levels require constant concentration and a certain state of mind. This becomes taxing, especially at higher Levels, and the effects eventually wear off as the mind fatigues. If a Spirit Combo is not successfully executed before the Spirit Level’s duration expires, the hunter recedes to the previous Level. There is no penalty relating to losing a Spirit Level aside from the reduced multiplier, and losing a Spirit Level due to expiration does not interrupt an in-progress Spirit Combo.

Spirit Level Multiplier Duration
0 x1
1 x1.2 10 rounds
2 x1.5 7 rounds
3 x2 5 rounds

Long Swords can use the stats of Katanas or Spears.

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Long Sword

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