Much like the Lance, the Gunlance is a great defensive weapon that is still an offensive powerhouse. Instead of focusing on precise attacks, the Gunlance is more interested in blowing away enemies with extreme force.

At it’s core, a Gunlance is a long, sturdy barrel with a built-in chamber (can be rotating or stationary) that holds a specific amount of shells. There are three types of Gunlance, each of which holds a different amount of shells and is tailored to a different purpose.

  • Normal Shot Gunlances can chamber up to five shells at a time, the most of any type. Range is Adjacent. Due to sheer numbers, they can have the strongest Full Burst (see below).
  • Long Shot Gunlances can chamber three shells at once and have the longest range of any shot type (a10). They also have the strongest Wyvern Fire (see below).
  • Wide Shot Gunlances can only chamber two shells at a time, but they have the strongest Charged Shot (see below). Range is Adjacent.

It is possible to fire a Gunlance normally (as a Complex Action), doing damage based on the shell type (instead of that of the Gunlance itself). Reloading all spent shells is a Simple Action that cannot be combined with other Simple Actions. Truly skilled Gunlancers are able to shoot and immediately replace the spent shell in the same action.

All Gunlances have three special forms of attack. Charge Shot and Full Burst are Full Concentration actions. Wyvern Fire requires a Full Concentration and a consecutive Complex Action.

  • Charge Shot supercharges a shell before discharging, dealing 20% more damage (base and elemental/status) than shooting normally.
  • Full Burst fires all remaining shells in sequence, either at a single target or multiple targets within a 45ยบ arc. If firing at multiple targets, roll attack and resistance separately for each. If only one usable shell remains, treat this as a normal attack.
  • Wyvern Fire is the Gunlance’s most powerful attack. The wielder takes a stance and overcharges the Gunlance. When it finally fires, the explosive force is enough to knock the wielder back a step (unless they possess STR >= 6). Wyvern Fire always has a range of (a10). The immense amount of energy overheats the Gunlance, requiring it to cool down for 10 rounds before it can use Wyvern Fire again (other attacks unaffected).
Shot Type # Shells Charged Shot Full Burst Wyvern Fire
Normal 5 x1.2 Strongest x3
Long 3 x1.2 x5
Wide 2 x1.5 Weakest x3

The Gunlance uses the stats for Spears and always comes with a Boomtube add-on (of Normal, Wide, or Long Shot type, chosen as part of crafting). The Gunlance’s shield always comes with at least Good Coverage.


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