Great Sword


The Great Sword is a slow but incredibly powerful weapon. It’s best suited for Hunters who want to patiently pick their spots and finish a monster with a few extremely potent attacks.

A Great Sword’s special ability is the Charge Attack. By firmly rooting oneself and winding up for a strike, the wielder can inflict much greater damage in a single swing (expressed as a base damage multiplier). One should focus on hitting with the charge attack as often as possible, enemy permitting.

There are three levels of charge, and reaching each requires a Full Concentration action. An attack may be executed at any point during the player’s turn (or canceled at any time), including right after reaching a charge level, but only the most recently achieved charge counts towards the attack. For example, charging for one full round and deciding to attack and move the next (thereby stopping the charge) provides only the benefit of a Level 1 charge. Staying put and charging for three full rounds, followed immediately by an attack at the end of the third turn, receives the full benefit of a Level 3 charge.

Charge Level Multiplier
1 x1.5
2 x3
3 x5

The inherent danger in charging is the fact that the hunter is left a sitting duck for monster attacks unless they complete the attack (using up the charge) or move out of the way (thereby wasting the effort of charging).

The Great Sword is large and broad enough to guard attacks, but this is only recommended as a last resort since repeated blocking may dull or even damage the blade.

Great Swords can use the stats of Long Blades or Waraxes and cannot provide better than Extra Coverage.


Great Sword

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