Dual Blades


These twin swords are capable of dealing huge damage very quickly, shredding small and large monsters alike. Dual Blades are great weapons for aggressive hunters that don’t mind constantly being up close and personal with large beasts.

As a Full Concentration action, a wielder can attack twice in a single round at a penalty (-2 dice each attack). Also, Dual Swords wielders can enter a hyper state called Demon Mode as a Simple Action by expending a Tech Point or Manna (their choice, but set for that weapon).

In Demon Mode, the hunter gains a flat base damage multiplier of x1.5 and their movement rate is increased by one category. Without further intervention, this lasts for one round (ending at the beginning of the hunter’s next turn). Demon Mode can be extended by continually expending Tech Points/Manna.

Dual Blades are made up of any combination of Small Blades, Tonfas, or War Fans.


Dual Blades

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