There are a multitude of languages throughout the known world. Each city and village has its own language, whether full-fledged or merely pidgin, and each race usually has a historical language as well. There is also a common language, created by committee for use by all the races and peoples to ease trade and communication. In its own tongue, it is (appropriately) called Common. Almost each and every settlement pronounces some of the words differently than the other settlements or uses slightly different grammar, but it is considered rude to call such differences improper.

It is not uncommon for villages and other small settlements to eventually develop their own pidgin language of a proper one, usually based on the primary language of their city of origin, but some villages are fully independent and simply never grew large enough to be classified as a town or city. Cities almost always have their own language (not counting the infinite slang variations).

Example regional languages:

  • Kokoto (pidgin of Minegarde)
  • Minegarde (proper)
  • Moga (pidgin of Tanzian)
  • Tanzian (proper)
  • Yukumo (proper)

Example racial languages:

  • Wyvernian (and Ancient Wyvernian)
  • Shakalaka
  • Felyne


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