Possibly the youngest of the civilized races, Humans have nonetheless earned their place of prominence amongst their peers. Having learned the art of Hunting in ancient times from the Wyvernians, Humans have since built upon it and used their knowledge to settle across the lands and seas.


As their empires grew, Humans developed mercantilism and trade. In honor of their greatest benefactors, they, in turn, taught these skills to the Wyvernians, bringing both into one fold and cementing a harmonious relationship that continues to this day.

It is believed that humans once had a racial language of their own, much like Wyvernians and Lynians, but early rapid expansion and little to no records have resulted in it becoming a number independent languages, its original form lost to the sands of time. Instead, the closest they have to a racial language is Common, for which they had a great hand in developing.


Up to maturity, humans are almost indistinguishable from Wyvernians at a glance. However, they have rounded ears and walk on the soles of their feet. Since they settle in a greater variety of areas (and in greater numbers), they also have a greater variety of phenotypes within their own race, such as skin color, eye color and shape, and hair color and form, not to mention cultural differences.

Human lifespans are considerably shorter than Wyvernians’ and, while they don’t experience the incredible shrinking of Wyvernian elders, they do suffer from physical atrophy. Though not exactly rare, it is still a surprise to find a truly venerable Human hunter.

MH3-chr_n01.png MHFG-Halk_and_Halk_Instructor_Render_001.png

Mentally, Humans as a whole are perhaps less adept at certain tasks or skills as their Wyvernian counterparts, but this can be partially attributed to not having as long to master such skills. There is no questioning, however, that Human minds are extremely flexible, creative, and able to make great leaps of reasoning with little original information. While this sometimes causes trouble, for the most part is has been instrumental in the technological leaps and bounds attributed to Humankind.

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Perhaps due to their shorter lifespans, Humans express an internal drive that constantly pushes them to accomplish greater and grander things. Such goals are usually short-term, since they’d prefer it to occur within their own lifetimes, but it is not unheard of for Humans (sometimes with the guidance of Wyvernian managers) to spend decades or even generations on truly massive projects. However, Humans lean towards shorter attention spans (by Wyvernian standards) and must learn discipline to plan more than a few years into the future.


Humans have their fair share of master craftsmen and veteran hunters, but their greatest strength lies in adaptability; they’re able to pick up new skills and languages, acclimate to new environments, and develop new tools and methods with incredible agility. They’re also better able to use what they’ve learned in ways that complement each other, often in unexpected ways.

As Characters

Attributes: +1 Strength, +2 Any, +1 Any Other
Starting HP: 6 x Toughness
Movement Rating: Average (40 feet)
Racial Affinity Focuses (1/2 Cost): Fighting Skill Integration, Rolling Study
Racial Language: Common, any one regional language



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