Setting Rules

For the first few sessions, some rules will, by necessity, be prone to change and adaptation. This is simply due to the nature of converting one game system into another. Eventually, we will decide upon a combination of options that works best for us. The rules most likely to undergo some degree of change are weapons, armor, and crafting.


This is a low-magic setting. While I don’t want to say no magic-like Focuses, anything that activates with Manna (or used to if paired with Permanent Ability) must be approved.


While dangers can be great, death is not as significant a concern as it used to be. Hunting territories are watched and regulated, and dedicated EMT teams watch from the fringes when going on (most) Guild-sanctioned hunts (taking a portion of the hunt reward to cover the cost if their services are needed). On the other hand, local organizations may provide such protection for free hunts, but this is not guaranteed.

Differences from Silvervine

  • The primary currency is Zeni, not Saren.
  • Weapon mechanics are (currently) limited, but exact thematics are still up to player imagination.
  • Playable races are also limited. Whether the selection can be expanded later is open for debate.
  • Maximum damage can eventually exceed 8. Each multiple of 8 incurs a cumulative -1 penalty. For weapons with raw and elemental damage, they are combined but only half of the elemental is counted (rounding down, minimum 1).

Setting Rules

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