House Rules


  • Unlike vanilla Monster Hunter, any weapon class can wear any armor. Transferred armors have been modified as appropriate to keep them meaningful and interesting.
  • Any set of armor can be modified with Extra Resistance, which improves all elemental resistances by 5. This can be done at character creation for 2 Asset Points or during play for 1/2 the armor’s base cost (whether forging or purchasing stock). If modifying a specific piece of an armor set (during play only, forging only), it is 1/2 of the piece’s base forge cost to add Extra Resistance.


  • Weapons made from monsters that had strong elemental affinities retain some of the creature’s power. At character creation, any weapon can have one of the following add-ons (in addition to any others). After creation, weapons can be bought with varying levels of elemental damage (add raw and elemental damage together to get the cost of the weapon) or forged with a given elemental damage (see Carving and Crafting).
    • Elemental Damage – 1 Asset Point: Adds elemental damage of a specific type to a weapon (or a group of weapons if bought together with Asset Points). The sum of each weapon’s physical and elemental damage cannot exceed 8.

House Rules

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